Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Debra Bowen is an example of what democrats need to do to seize power back and regain control of our lives. When I interviewed Howard Dean about the problems with electronic voting and other shenanigans in Ohio and elsewhere which cost John Kerry the election, he wisely stated that we need to get control from the ground up. Howard says the key in every instance is the local registrar of voters and the office of Secretary of State.

Debra Bowen has come up through the ranks, first serving in the California legislature in 1992. Bowen has earned attention in the media throughout the state as an effective and independent voice for reform, open government and consumer advocacy. She has declined to accept gifts since taking office, was the first California lawmaker to be accessible through her own state e-mail address (1993), was the first California lawmaker to put up her own government web page (1995), and the first California lawmaker to put her campaign finance reports on the web (August 1995).

At our recent Democratic Party State Convention, Debra won an overwhelming endorsement, garnering over 80% of the dlegate support.

This letter just came in from our friend Steve Cummings of the Democratic Party of California:

Dear Ventura County Democrats:

In discussing the upcoming campaign in November, it has become clear to many of us that one of the key campaigns in organizing that election is Debra Bowen's campaign for California Secretary of State. Bowen has been endorsed by the California
Democratic Party and the California Labor Federation. More importantly, Bowen has been the leader at the state level on the election integrity issue and has been the focal point for activists on that issue. Those activists will play a vital part in
electing the Democratic slate in November. However, first she must win the June primary, and while she has the lion's share of the endorsements, most Democrats don't know anything about the Secretary of State candidates. Therefore, those of you who are supporting Debra Bowen in June, please take the time to write letters to the Editor to the Star and Reporter this week so more Democrats will know about her on primary election day. Thanks.

Steve Cummings

So, DFAers if you need info just email us here at the blog. The BEST thing you can do for yourself to keep our voting system transparent and with full integrity is to support Debra Bowen.


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